About Me

I have a truly deep love for sweets. I won’t try to deny it. I’m the type of person that will eat cookies at 9:00 am, or have ice cream before dinner. Over the years I’ve tried to curb my sweet tooth, but I admit that it’s here to stay. However, almost as much as I love creating sweets, I love sharing them with others. There is something exciting and special about bringing a plate of desserts to a friend’s house or family gathering that can brighten the day.

Paris 2012 448As I a kid, I would help my mom in the kitchen by measuring ingredients for cookies, and my love for creating desserts and sweets has grown over the years. My inspiration for this blog came after a trip to Paris in September 2012. I was truly inspired by the elaborate and delicious pastries I sampled there, all which used fresh, real ingredients. When possible, I prefer to make desserts and sweets from scratch, as opposed to using a box mix. I feel there is more love and creativity that can be incorporated into a recipe from scratch. Also, depending on the recipe, and the size of my waistline, I like to try to alter recipes to make them a bit more healthy. I don’t claim to be a world-class pastry chef, but I hope to be able to share delicious recipes, and also inspire others to share their love through desserts.


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