Recipe Flops

When I originally had the inspiration to create this blog, I wanted to share delicious recipes with clear instructions and almost foolproof results. There are many recipes out there with poorly written instructions, and videos that make things look like a breeze. I know you all have cooked or baked something for hours only to have it not turn out quite like you had hoped. Of course this can happen from time to time because that is how we hone our craft! A few family and friends have asked me recently why I have not posted on the blog. I definitely have been busy baking in the kitchen but things haven’t turned out as planned. But, hey, there’s always more to bake!

See below for a few of the recent recipe flops. With a little work and some time, you may see these recipes ready for you to try!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ice Cream

This was a fun creation I cooked up that turned out fairly well. However, the strawberries turned into little popsicles which made them hard to eat. But overall it was a cool treat in the warm weather.


Chocolate Zucchini Brownies

The original recipe was waaay to salty for some reason and the brownies were a little too fudgey (yes it’s possible!). Will have to play around with this one to get it to tasty level 10.


Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Maybe you’ve seen the recipes online to make ice cream out of bananas. I was tempted and had to give it a shot. Overall the flavor was yummy, but definitely not a replacement for real ice cream. The one downfall was that it froze into a block of ice and was very hard to scoop out.

Stay tuned for some new Fall recipes coming up!


One thought on “Recipe Flops

  1. CJ
    It happens to all of us. Lucky Uncle Rick eats about anything but I was ready to throw them away. I have heard Rachel Ray and even Martha Stewart admit to big time flops. So continue to enjoy experimenting..most of your desserts turn out very delicious! 🍴

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